About Us

About Us

Current Leadership for 2018

Pictured From Left to Right:

Treasurer: Luke Corley
Outgoing President: Jason Roe
Secretary: Ian Bermania
President: James Bowen
Vice President: Derrick Elledge

A Bit Of History

Born out of a passion for creativity and a desire to try new things, The Rockwall Brewers Association was founded in 2009 by high school friends Brett Williams and Evan Matteson and has quickly become a premier homebrew club in Texas. The club’s humble beginnings can be traced back to Brett and Evan’s endeavors into making wine from kits and homemade liqueurs. After some success, they decided it was time to try to brew their own beer.


“With great instruction from our local homebrew supply store, some help from the internet, and a little luck, our first beer (a stout) was one of the most delicious beers we had ever tasted. We were, of course, hooked. After sharing our beer and our story with friends, we quickly realized that there was a large community of people interested in brewing great beer, but they just didn’t know where to start. We decided that we would help them, and formed the club to do just that.”


The clubs first official entry into competition was at Eno’s Brew Riot where Brett and Evan’s hard cider, “The Johnny”, took first place in the cider category.

“When pretty much everything around us is commercialized and fast-paced, it is nice to go back to “our roots” to learn how things are made. And the unexpected result has been that the end product is usually significantly better than what you can get in a store, better for you, and allows you to slow down and experience life with family and friends.” -Evan