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Rockwall Brewers Association

The Rockwall Brewers Association exists to enjoy and promote the hobby of home brewing.

Our goal is to engage in activities focused on home brewing as a common foundation, including but not limited to:

Learning more about beer.

Our members have a range of experience from the eager new brewers to seasoned veterans with decades of experience, and we love nothing more then to talk about beer and brewing. Everyone is eager to share their experience and learn from each other.

Tasting beer.

We gather together frequently, and there is always new beer to try. Be it sharing our favorite craft beers or asking for feedback on our latest Imperial Stout or English Pale Ale, if we get together you can count on beer being there.

Judging beer and brewing techniques.

We have annual, and semi annual competitions where we judge home brews based on preset guidelines, or just best in show. Or if you don’t want to compete, but just want feedback on your own brew from fellow brewers.

Are you a new brewer dealing with a stuck sparge, or low efficiency? Wondering rather you need to stick with extract or switch to all grain? Having issues with fermentation temps? Our members have lots of experience with various brewing techniques and methods and are willing to help you navigate the pitfalls of the new home brewer.

Promoting the hobby and enjoyment of home brewing.

Not a home brewer, but curious? Come on out to one of our brew days and see what it’s all about. We are more than happy to introduce you to our favorite hobby and we’ll even let you try a few samples to see how good it can get.

Building a brewers community through social activities.

We have many events throughout the year including, brew days, club meetings, brewery tours, and bottle shares. We are also a good way to make new friends who share your love and passion for a good beer.

Promoting the responsible use of alcoholic beverages.

Always drink responsibly. Beer is great so stay alive to drink it, but never drink and drive.

Membership has it’s privileges.

In addition to the fellowship of beer that you will enjoy, thanks to our awesome sponsors members of the Rockwall Brewers Association also enjoy discounts at many beer and home brew related stores and restaurants. Click Here to see the benefits.