RBA Cup Rules and Winners

The RBA Cup is an inter-club competition only available to members.  The RBA Cup will be held once a year.

Competition Rules

1. The beer style(s) or best of show will be announced at least two months prior to the event.

    a. If a beer style is chosen each beer will be judged by other members to BJCP style guidelines.

    b. If mulitple beer styles are chosen then the brewer will name the style to judge the beer against.

    c. If Best of Show it will be a simple judgement of which beer is best brewed and tasting to the judges.

2. Participants must be in good standing with RBA.

3. Participants are to provide four (4) 12 ounce bottles for judging.

    a. Three will be used for judging.

    b. One will be held in reserve in case of a tie or further sampling against score sheets.

    c. Each bottle will be assigned a number by a club officer.

    d. The club officer will keep a seceret key that will be used after the winner is announced by number only.

4. Judging

    a. RBA will provided BJCP score cards and BJCP description styles.

    b. If Best of Show, no score cards or styles are provided.

    c. Any member in good standing present may judge or special RBA guest, regardless of if they are participating.

    d. Beer sample size will depend upon the number of members present.

5. Winner

    a. If judged to BJCP, the highest average score of all BJCP score cards.

    b. If best of show, the beer with the highest number of votes.

    d. If there is a tie, then the remaining two beers are scored and tallied again off the remaining two samples.

    e. Winner is announced and awarded the RBA Cup at the end of the day.

    f.  A club officer shall announce the winnings and the past RBA Cup Holder shall pass along the cup by presenting the new holder with a chalice of tasty home brew.

    g. All score cards will be provided to each participant after the award of RBA Cup.

Winners Awards

RBA Cup is a prestigious traveling cup from winner to winner.  The current RBA cup holder shall recieve three benefits provided by the generostiy of his fellow RBA Brewers.  First, the winners name, brew name and recipe (if premitted) shall be posted on RBA club web site.  Second, the winner will be presented with a cup to proudly drink out of at the next brew day.  The RBA Cup holder shall be able to request of any of his fellow members to fill his glass with any of the fine beers at the RBA Brew Day.  Third, the RBA Cup Holder shall not have to pay for his own beer at the next Quarterly Meeting at the Flying Saucer. The RBA Members should be happy to volunteer to fill the RBA Cup Holders glass once in the evening (suggested $3 to $6 beer).  The RBA Cup Holder shall drink from his chalice of winnings at the Club Brew and Quarter Meetings displaying his brewing prowess proudly.  If the RBA Cup Holder does not show or does not bring the cup to the events, he or she forfiets these prestigious benefits.  If the RBA Cup Holder is not going to be present at the next judging, they must get the cup back to an officer of the club.