Original Dogbolter Ale – Goose and Firkin

For Aaron Bruce’s second batch of beer, we decided on an English Brown Ale.  From reading in my copy of Microbrewed Adventures I remembered the Original Dogbolter Ale recipe mentioned by Charlie and we were set. Upon doing some research, learned a bit more about the Goose and Firkin, pretty interesting!  And I think it is cool that the Firkin’s owner’s last name was also Bruce…just like our Aaron!


  • 10 lbs: 2-row English pale ale malt
  • 1.25 lbs: crystal malt (40-L)
  • 1/3 oz: black malt
  • 2 oz:  UK Goldings 6% alpha (for entire 60 minute boil)
  • 0.5 oz:  UK Goldings 6% alpha (at 15 minutes remaining)
  • 1/4 oz: Irish Moss
  • English type ale yeast (we used White Labs)

We did a one step infusion and a batch sparge…but once again forgot the Irish Moss…we are being called the “Cloudy Brewers” by our wives now.  I can assue you it will not happen a third time!

Readings: Wort Temp 76 degrees | OSG 1.061 | Actual OSG 1.063 | Max ABV 8.26%

3 Responses to “Original Dogbolter Ale – Goose and Firkin”

  1. Evan Says:

    Racked today to secondary. Readings: Temp 72 degrees | CSG 1.021 | Actual CSG 1.022 | Current ABV 5.34%

    Great flavors, nice malty characteristics with just a hint of hops…going to chill the sample down and taste it at around 45 degrees.

  2. djelledge Says:

    I really want to try a swig of this beer – it “firkin” amazing. Will you have some for the next club event?

  3. Evan Says:

    Readings: Temp 70 degrees | FSG 1.018 | Actual FSG 1.019 | ABV 5.77%

    And Yes Derrick, we will have some of this at the next meeting…and yes…it will be firkin awesome!

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